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Turnkey Solutions-bkp-01-09-2022

Turnkey Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Electric vehicles are on the rise. Demand for EV charging stations has been at an all time high.

EvGateway provides end-to-end charging solutions that include everything you will need to deploy your own EV charging infrastructure.

Support 24/7 Customer Support via email and phone.

Our turnkey charging solution offer a range of hardware, software, and support to meet your charging needs. We make sure everything is taken care of and hassle-free for you.

Centralized Web Portal

Real-time Station Information

Locate EV charging stations, get step by-step directions, determine charger type, and view real-time station status (including station availability and accessibility time) in our new advanced dashboard.

Prioritized Driver Experience

Our network allows drivers to create driver accounts, login to review detailed charging activities, get directions to the desired charging station, make and set up payments, edit profiles, and many more.

Start a Charging Session Anywhere

Charge using either EvGateway Mobile application, an activated RFID card, or by contacting our 24/7 Customer Support.

Report & Statistic

Access stations statistics, generate and download reports easily. Marketing Tool Bring in new customers that will stay longer and have higher purchasing power.

Mobile Application


Charging Available on both the Apple and Google Play Stores, easily start an EV charging session directly from the EvGateway mobile app.

View EV Station Information & Status

Get detailed EV charging station information, including station address, real-time status, number of EV chargers and charger type, available hours, pricing and driving directions to the charging station.

Locate Public Electric Vehicle

Chargers Search, sort, filter, and view public EV charging stations in our charging network.

Notify When Available

When a station that is currently busy becomes available, users can opt to receive push notifications.

Personalized Driver Account

Register as a user to access and personalize your account, including your profile, billing, RFIDs, charging status notifications, and default charging locator settings

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