Our Charging Management Network is Secure, Reliable, and Customizable.


Set Pricing (per hour, kWh, driver, etc)

Add Your Business to the Map

Batch Changes & Updates


Set User

Remote Troubleshooting


24/7 Driver and Owner Support

Continuous Monitoring

Warranty & Maintenance



Customized Notifications


Customizable Dashboard

Compare your metrics to industry average

Track Customer Usage & Revenue

Print and email reports

Drill Down to Individual Charger Report

Tailored report & analysis

Technical Aspects

Open protocol OCPP 1.6 J, Upgradable to 2.0

Nayax, Payter, WorldPay, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay & Even Integrations with Fleet Fuel Cards

Open ADR 2.0b

Integrations with more than 20+ EVSE OEMs

Android & iOS mobile app

EvGateway Support

EvGateway Support center serves as a global support center for charging stations being managed under the EvGateway Network. EvGateway technical support model that provides business value throughout the product’s lifecycle.

The EvGateway Services Team empowers our customers with 24 X 7 Support In addition to conventional Telephone support process, we offer web-based support and online chat-based service assistance on mobile apps that allows our users the flexibility to access our Tech team in a way most convenient to their needs.

Availability of Support

The EvGateway Support Team is available to the Customer via a Toll-Free telephone number, Mobile App Chat and email 24 x 7. Our Support Team can be contacted for any issues, questions and queries by drivers and charger owners. Our ticketing system provides owners and operators the ability to open and track tickets as well as see any updates on on-going requests in real time. Some other support features are:

Advanced Support (Optional Add-on)

Help Desk and technical support services help the sustenance and maintenance of a service or product for an end-user of the same. We provide helpdesks services which solve queries of the users through emails, voice chat, live web chats and other communication channels they might choose to connect through. These services include
Product maintenance is an important part of after sales service for any customer. While being the most important phase of your product / service, it may not be your core competency. Therefore, an expert team maintenance support is important. Transform helps by carrying out these processes in a manner you specify until your next major product/service is out for all your customers.

Level 0,1 Support (Tier 1 answers general product support tickets)

The services provided in response to a Customer’s notification of a suspected issue with the EvGateway Network. These services include but may not be limited to Qualify and acknowledge the Customer request (question or trouble report), Answer product usage questions and how to initiate charging session Etc.

Level 2 Support (Tier 2 answers technical support tickets)

For trouble reports, undertake the following responsibilities
The services provided to a Customer to perform an in-depth analysis of the suspected issue, attempt to recreate the issue, and to provide an acceptable issue resolution. Nearly all issues are resolved at no higher than this Level. Level 2 support is also responsible for keeping Level 1 support (and, therefore, the Customer) informed of the status of trouble resolution on a regular basis.

Level 3 Support

Level 3 is the highest escalation point for trouble resolution and other technical support. Level 3 personnel are EvGateway’s Tier-3 engineers who specialize in various components of the EvGateway Network, and third party (such as hardware or software vendor) engineering and application specialists. Their responsibility is to resolve issues in critical related to EvGateway platform that are determined to be, or are highly probable to be, the result of Hardware, Communication, manufacturing defect or the result of a complex interaction between the platform and another product not resolvable by Level 2 Support.

They are able to bring their product knowledge and engineering knowledge and specialized expertise to bear on the trouble by analyzing the hardware level logs and diagnostics and provide a resolution within an acceptable time and in accordance with agreed upon SLAs. Also includes the issues that gets escalated by L1 and L2 teams.