EvGateway Network

EvGateway’s EVSE Hardware-Agnostic Charging Network can be customized to provide turn-key EV charging services for customers worldwide.

Portal Dashboard

EvGateway Electric Vehicle Charging Network (EVCN) for Fleet and a Public charging monitors the health of the Charging Station equipment, activates, and terminates charging events, initiates pay as you go transactions and collects usage data from charging stations.
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Driver Mobile App

Search for Nearby Charging Stations Using the Mobile Application or web Application location map to plan your journey based on where to obtain a charge.

Navigate to Charging Station and Park Input the Charging Station location details into your navigation system and drive to the location.

Authorization RFID card, All major Credit Card sand contactless payment methods accepted authorized charging:

Phone / SMS Authorized charging Call or text the telephone number on the Charging Station or its signage. Use the instructions provided.

Plug in and Start charge Plug vehicle in when prompted and wait for the vehicle and Charging Station to acknowledge charging has started (e.g., EV dashboard and Charging Station LED status lights change).

Stop charge Return to your vehicle and terminate charging utilizing the method you used to start charging.


EvGateway Support Center serves as a global support center for charging stations being managed under the EvGateway Network.

The EvGateway Services Team empowers our customers with 24 X 7 Support in addition to conventional Telephone support process, we offer web-based support and online chat-based service assistance on mobile apps that allows our users the flexibility to access our EvGateway technical team in a way most convenient to their needs.

Features Of EvGateway Support