We offer solutions for business owners to operate and manage their EV Charging Infrastructure.

EvGateway’s EVSE hardware-agnostic charging network can be customized to provide turn-key EV charging services for customers worldwide.

Commercial Charging

Electric Vehicle sales are soaring with a 200% increase in sales in just 12 months! With the EV industry growing precipitously, due to an increase in EV usage and range, and the reduction of cost and maintenance; businesses like that of hotels, shopping malls, workplaces, cineplexes and more have begun to increasingly invest in EV chargers and charge networks for their customers to cash in on the growing demand for charging stations.

Moreover, the presence of EV chargers showcases a green brand image and gives site owners better brand image and profits.

With increasing demand and advantages of installing EV chargers- EvGateway’s Solution allows for a seamless management and operations of all chargers so owners and operators can remotely manage, control and have visibility to real-time performance analytics and statistics. Out network makes it simple for all users to operate and customize EV Charging to meet their specific requirements.

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Fleet Charging

EvGateway’s fleet management White Label network makes it simple for Fleet for owners to go electric!

As we know, no two fleets are alike. This is why we provide fleet operators Customized solution which includes UI, Workflows, Reporting and Integrations with Fleet cards and various 3rd party applications used by the fleet operators.


For all types of hotels, big or small, the demand for EV chargers has been at an all-time high. With an ever-increasing market and a large population of affluent customers adopting EVs it has become imperative for hotels to accommodate the charging needs of these guests.

Charging stations boost corporate reputation

Customers these days are increasingly concerned with green initiatives and public sustainability. By installing EV Chargers, guests will see the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and will give a more positive corporate reputation.

EV drivers could be high-value customers

EV drivers are proven to have higher spending power. These guests become high-value customers that can lead to added profits through first-class accommodations, and the use of hotel amenities.

Installation is cheaper and easier

The infrastructure to support EVs is becoming more and more easy to use and install. Moreover, there are many incentives available that give owners rebate and grants for installing new EV Charging Infrastructure, allowing for minimal set-up costs.

We help owners to find the best incentives available for every site to make sure they can install EV Charging Infrastructure for low to no cost!

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Utilities and Cities

Utility providers can use our OCPP, OpenADR 2.0 solution for all charging requirements. Through ourCustomizable services utilities can use our advanced, smart load management features for automated demand response notifications, setting TOU based schedules and more!

They can even send advanced notifications to the customers for peak and off-peak pricing so that the customers can charge their EVs at a low cost during off peak hours.

Vehicle OEM

EvGateway offers solutions for Vehicle OEMs and dealerships. For more information, please contact us