Increased Demand of EV’s. Where is the Infrastructure to Support Them?

The electric vehicle industry has and will continue to provide a much-needed alternative to other forms of transportation which are reliant on fuel as a means of energy. Traditional fuel combustion engine vehicles end up inflicting more harm to the environment over time as compared to electric vehicles. In part, this is why people around the world turn to EVs as they have higher performance, lower carbon emissions, lower maintenance costs, reduced noise, smoother drives, and can be charged conveniently in places with EV chargers.

Increased Demand for Electric Vehicles

Globally, the rise in fuel prices and a drive to conserve the environment have caused the demand for EVs to increase.Several additional factors have also contributed to the increase in the popularity of Electric Vehicles, including increased government legislation and laws that are geared to boost manufacturing and reduce the cost of Electric Vehicle batteries.

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Low percentage of EV charging infrastructure and high costs involved in the manufacture of EVs continue to be large hurdles that need to be overcome. The infrastructure must be installed in major cities, highways, hotels, gas stations, and other appropriate areas to increase the adoption of EVs. The construction of EV charging infrastructure will likely lead to increased manufacture of EVs due to the growing demand. According to, there has been rapid EV penetration which has not matched the much needed public infrastructure to meet the increasing demand in various countries. 

Government Intervention

The rise in demand and popularity of EVs require charging infrastructure to be set up in multiple places such as parking lots, government-allocated locations, and along major highways. According to TechCrunch, the Biden administration has been proactive in its efforts to encourage the adoption of Electric Vehicles. The administration announced a move that will see about 500,000 charging stations installed nationally and additional energy storage which will aid the change to Electric Vehicles. 

There must be a proper balance and management of the increased energy demand on the grid. Enough power lines and storage need to be installed to meet the demand as the EV infrastructure is largely reliant on the grid. It is yet to be established if there are other much suitable options to ensure that the EV charging stations have renewable energy and power generation. 

The Benefits of EvGateway

Much of the charging infrastructure is currently privatized. There is a need for new solutions to be put in place to ensure that the new EV owners have enough EV chargers in place to support their travels. EvGateway provides the best solution to drivers who utilize the EvGateway mobile application to find and navigate to the nearest EV charging station. Electric Vehicle Charging Network (EVCN) are meant for fleet and public charging, and EvGateway monitors the health of the charging station equipment, activates, and terminates charging events, and initiates pay-as-you-go transactions.

EvGateway is a hardware-agnostic Electric Vehicle Charging network that provides turnkey, customizable solutions to the end customer regardless of their requirements and charging needs. We work with EV manufacturers to enhance their chargers into smart chargers- allowing them to be remotely managed and monitored without human intervention. At EvGateway, we are set to help EV owners to have a well-deserved experience. Our mobile app offers drivers to monitor the status of their EV charging session. Get access to EvGateway’s support center which offers 24/7 support from different endpoints.

EvGateway and It’s Partners

EvGateway has worked closely with other partners in the EV sector to launch turnkey solutions across the country. You can rely on our partnership with vehicle manufacturers to ensure that you will get access to top-notch EV charging stations.  EvGateway is a global, multifaceted network solution intended to simplify electric vehicle charging for both drivers and EV station owners. Our charger management solution is designed to be hassle-free for equipment owners, operators, and manufacturers.

As different EV charging stations are set up, it will be important for the owners to have an endpoint that allows them to get the status of the charging equipment at the stations, monitor transactions set the price for EV charging based on cost, duration, and time of use. The EvGateway Electric Vehicle Charging Network (EVCN) can handle all these requirements.