Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions are Important for the Hospitality Industry- Here’s Why

Are you in the hospitality industry? Are you considering installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers in your hotels?It is important for you to consider setting up EV charging stations. As the focus all around the world is shifting to efforts to conserve the environment, hotels have been seen to be at the forefront. Electric vehicles in particular have been an innovation that has been encouraged as they reduce carbon emissions.

The hospitality industry leads in the adoption of different innovations, designs, and services. As more consumers adopt electric vehicles, hotels will need to rise to this need and provide their guests with charging facilities.

Increased Hotel Revenue with Adoption of EV Charging Stations

Many guests have embraced electric vehicles and will need a place to charge their automobiles. Hotels that have incorporated EV chargers, continue to see an increased number of people frequenting them. Hotel-room rates have continued to rise as times go by.

People are willing to spend more for a hotel even if it is expensive as long as it will allow them to charge their EVs while they enjoy the hotel amenities. This means people get to relax while they wait for their EVs to charge so that they can continue with their travel. Who knows, the guests may end up increasing their duration of stay.

Hotel Brand Grows by Choosing Sustainability as Forefront

Hotels that incorporate EV charging stations into their facilities will see their brands grow at a faster rate. The value of hotels with EV chargers has been seen to increase. This will no doubt help draw investors to invest in hotels that adopt technologies that seek to limit carbon emissions and conserve the environment.

The Need for EV Charging Infrastructure for Highway Hotels

EV charging stations need to be in areas which are accessible easily by most EV vehicles. Highway hotels are good options to install EV chargers due to the ease of access, guaranteed security and the available facilities for drivers to use as they wait for their Electric Vehicles to charge. Highway hotels can also easily access the electric infrastructure which is in most cases running next to major highways. This makes it quite easy to install as they will not need to spend more on installations.

It is also important for highway hotels to add EV chargers in order to attract more customers. In this modern era, all hotels try to offer their guests the latest in amenities in a bid to keep the happy and to encourage new customers to visit them.

Electric Vehicle Chargers are becoming a Must-Have Commodity

As the popularity of Electric vehicles increases, EV chargers are becoming a must have commodity. The choice to have EV chargers can prove to be a deciding factor in terms of revenue generated by the hotel. It is common for most EV drivers to have a higher-income bracket. This means not having EV chargers could make hotels to lose additional revenue, as such drivers are likely to spend more on hotel facilities.

How EvGateway’s Turn-Key Solution can get Your Hotel EV-Ready

The Siemens / EvGateway solution helps users to adopt EV charging at your hotel. EvGateway can provide you with turn-key, customizable solutions to the end customer regardless of their requirements and charging needs.

EvGateway Solution works with EV manufacturers to ensure that their chargers are enhanced into smart chargers. This in turn helps in efficiently managing and monitoring the EV chargers leaving you free to do other things.

EvGateway Features for Hotel Guests Charging their EV’s

EvGateway makes it easy for users to monitor their EV vehicles when charging as well as when not charging. The EvGateway mobile application offers assistance to drivers to get vital information about their EV charging time, 24/7 support, and various payment options to provide your EV guest with the best experience. The app also able to find the nearest charger, get directions, and pay for a charging session. Other additional features include setting user controls, setting pricing, remote troubleshooting and batch changes and updates the application which is available on the App Store for iOS users and the Google Play store for Android users.

EvGateway’s Support serves as a global support center for charging stations being managed under the EvGateway Network. The EvGateway Team empowers our customers with 24×7 support. In addition to conventional telephone support process, they offer web-based support and online chat-based service assistance on mobile apps that allows users the flexibility to access the EvGateway technical team in a way most convenient to their needs.