Who We Are

About EvGateway

We are a turn-key Electric Vehicle Infrastructure solutions provider that can deliver station installation, maintenance, network, mobile app and support for all charging scenarios and clients. We currently have thousands of electric vehicle chargers in our network (and we’re still expanding!)

EvGateway is focused on helping to reduce global CO2 emissions by accelerating the adoption and use of Electric Vehicles in cities around the world.

What is EvGateway?


Commercial Solutions

We offer solutions for business owners to operate on our secure EV Charging Network.

EvGateway Electric Vehicle Central Intelligence (EVCI) monitors the health of the Charging Station equipment, activates and terminates charging events, initiates pay as you go transactions and collects usage data from charging stations.

How to Start Charging With Us



EvGateway charging station network management includes real-time reports, statistical analysis, 24/7 support, monitoring, remote diagnostics, and more.

Mobile App Features

EvGateway Mobile App

Mobile app that will find the nearest charger, get directions, pay for a charging session.
So you can keep driving.

Real Time Charger
Availability Status
Favorite Stations
Filter Chargers
(AC/DC, Availability, etc)
View Charging History
Billing & Accounting
24/7 Support
View Charging Pricing
Flexible Payment Options
Reservation & Waitlist
Specific Charger Location Notes
Disconnect Alerts


Charging session will automatically stop when your vehicle is fully charged. You can also stop the charging session through the app.
You’re good to go and ready to get back on the road!

Start a Session

Activate a charging station from your app. (Make sure you have enough balance to start a charging session!)

Plug In

Our charging stations offer CCS, CHAdeMO, and J1772™ connectors. Choose a compatible plug and follow your manufacturer instructions to plug in to your EV charging port.

Find Station

Find the nearest compatible charging station through our app. You can also add a frequently used station to your favorite list!

Download App & Sign Up

Download our app from Appstore/Google Play and sign up. You can also sign up from our website by clicking the “Sign Up” button below. SIGN UP