EvGateway is a global, multifaceted network solution intended to simplify electric vehicle charging for both drivers and EV stations owners. Our charger management solution is designed to behassle-
free for equipment owners and manufacturers.

Keeping Your Stations Secure and Protected

Charging networks deal with sensitive customer information. Unlike other solutions, EvGateway is powered by Axxera Inc, a parent company that has specialized in cyber security solutions for over 10 years. This strategic partnership makes EvGateway the most secure charging network, allowing ourcustomers to use our solutions with complete confidence and convenience.

White-label Solution Available

Would you like to have your own personalized EV network management? EvGateway is available as white-label solution that contains essential features such as price setting, alerts, remote diagnostics, custom reports, and more.

Vendor Agnostic Solution

Front Facing Web Portal

Mobile Application for Best Driver Experience

OCPP Compliant

Remote Troubleshooting

24x7 Support

Solution Overview


OCPP 1.6 Compliant Network
Add any OCPP 1.6 (and above) compliant charging stations to the network & start monitoring its activities.
Smart Pricing & Payment System
Generate pricing based on energy cost, duration, time of use, session length, or driver group. Electronically transfer collected funds to designated bank account. Multiple Digital Payment gateways supported.
Smart Load Management Capabilities
Reduce station installation costs, lower ongoing electricity costs, and let you charge more vehicles.
One Click Statistics & Analytics
Easily access statistical charts & analytics within a click. Get summarized insights and important trends for planning and management reporting.
Advanced Access Controls
Authorize and schedule drivers’ access to stations.
Conveniently notify& hold a spot for drivers when a charging spot becomes available.
Custom Solutions for All Charging Scenarios
White Label Capabilities for all client requirements: Fleet, Public, CPO, Utilities, Residential and mix use scenarios.

Centralized Web Portal

Real-time Station Information
Locate EV charging stations, get step by-step directions, determine charger type, and view real-time station status (including station availability and accessibility time) in our new advanced dashboard.
Prioritized Driver Experience
Our network allows drivers to create driver accounts, login to review detailed charging activities, get directions to the desired charging station, make and set up payments, edit profiles, and many more.
Start a Charging Session Anywhere
Charge using either EvGateway Mobile application, an activated RFID card, or by contacting our 24/7 Customer Support.
Real-time Station Information
Charge using either EvGateway Mobile application, an activated RFID card, or by contacting our 24/7 Customer Support.
Report & Statistic
Access stations statistics and generate report easily.
Station Grouping
Create station groups and apply desired usage policy and pricing (usage policy and pricing are uniform across all stations in a group).
User Based Access Level Controls
Manage user roles and control users right to access stations from the web portal.

EvGateway Mobile App

Hassle-Free Charging

Available on both Apple Store and Google play, easily start an EV charging session directly from EvGateway mobile app.

View EV Station Information & Status

Get detailed EV charging station information, including address, real-time status, number of EV chargers and charger type, available hours, and directions to the station.

Locate Public Electric Vehicle Chargers

Search, sort, filter, and view public EV charging stations in our charging network.

Notify When Available

When a station that is currently busy becomes available, users can opt to receive a push notification.

Personalized Driver Account

Register as a user to access and personalize your account, including your profile, billing, RFIDs, charging status notifications, and default charging locator settings.

24/7 Support

Having issues with a station? Report using the mobile app that allows driver to provide description and pictures. Our CustomerSupport Team is Available 24/7.

OCPP - Open Charge Point Protocol

OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is a communication protocol between EV chargers and charging station network management system. EvGateway network supports OCPP version 1.6 and above, ensuring interoperability with OCPP compliant chargers.

OCPP Core functionalities

Functionalities Initiated from Charging Station

Functionalities Initiated by the Central Server

OCPP Security

At public charge spots drivers authenticate themselves using an RFID card. Using this protocol, only the static ID (UID) of the card is used for authentication. This means every customer is identified by their associated UID that is transmitted plaintext through the air, which makes copying the cards extremely simple. Anyone can authenticate themselves as a user by using counterfeit cards with modifiable UID and an equipment that can spoof the RFID communication.
For this security vulnerability reason, EvGateway have made transactions keyless (without RFID) with the EvGateway Mobile Application. Users can conveniently download our app, available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, to safely start a charging session.


EvGateway Support Center serves as a global support centerfor charging stations managed under the EvGateway network.

Help Desk Support Process

EvGateway acknowledges that issues may occasionally arise. We make sure to provide the best customer service and to constantly work with thecustomer until the issue is completely resolved.

Download App & Sign Up

Download our app from Appstore/Google Play and sign up. You can also sign up from our website by clicking the “Sign Up” button below. SIGN UP

Find Station

Find the nearest compatible charging station through our app. You can also add a frequently used station to your favorite list!

Plug In

Our charging stations offer CCS, CHAdeMO, and J1772™ connectors. Choose a compatible plug and follow your manufacturer instructions to plug in to your EV charging port.

Start a Session

Activate a charging station from your app. (Make sure you have enough balance to start a charging session!)


Charging session will automatically stop when your vehicle is fully charged. You can also stop the charging session through the app.
You’re good to go and ready to get back on the road!