Key Features of evGateway Support

  • 24X7X365 Advanced Services Technical Support
  • Global Support Center
  • Ongoing monitoring of evGateway Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) health and environmental statistics
  • Remotely detect and remediate faults
  • Personalized and comprehensive monthly Charging Activity Reports
  • Best practice advice, and guidance from our Technical Expert Team on firmware or hardware deployment and support
  • Capture of Proactive notification of critical EVSE performance
  • Billing and Accounting

Help Desk Support Process

evGateway network centralizes all the customer information in one single instance. All the customer information needed by the help desk representation resides in a single placeto understand the customer request in a efficient manner


Billing and Accounting

Customers will be provided with Billing and Account support services:

  • Unsuccessful Transactions
  • Payments
  • Refunds
  • Monthly Billing services such as Rate to Host and Rate to Driver
  • Account Support Services such a Resetting a Password, adding funds, or activating an RFID card
  • Critical Support Services such a Remote Unlock of Connectors, Remote Start/stop a Transactions

Maintenance and Warranty

Maintenance is an annual cost that must not be overlooked. This applies to both publicly and privately-owned Charging Stations. Warranty is important to cover the cost of replacement parts outside of the 12-month guarantee period.

Annual maintenance of Charge Points is performed by a suitably qualified electrician.